Luffy Truck Wars

We all know that Luffy dreams of becoming the king of pirate one day. IN his quest, he had meet many friends, who become his crew. Also, the fact that he loses his older brother in the great battle of Marines and the Pirates. From then on, the Straw Hats pirates become stronger. Now, they are ready for anything. they traveled far and wide to search for adventures and fulfilled each of their dreams. The story talks about their travel on water, but never say something their adventure on land. Luffy was separated to his crew and decided to take on the world government by himself. He got himself a truck for easy transportation, which also helps him to hide his true identity.

The idea of the game is to get the key. However, that won't be easy as soldiers are guarding it. Fortunately, your truck has a gun, but could shoot only at close range, meaning that you need to get closer to the enemy to kill him. Don't try to bump the soldiers as you will be captured. Sometimes, there are fire around so you need to jump over it before you can reach the key.