Mad Truck Challenge

We all know that racing with a monster truck is impossible since they are way too big. The mere sight of it on the road will cause some panic among people close to it. The truth is that, even ordinary trucks can cause much damage to any property compared to any kind of vehicle. Now, seeing a monster truck for real is really a sight of destruction. Most of the time, they can be seen on mountains, but a few times, they are used to perform some stunts, but that is rare because anyone knew the damage that these truck can cause in an area.

In this game, we will see monster trucks on a race. This race is like any race game that you have played before, but the only difference is that you are going to drive monster truck. After every race, you will get some of the prize money. You can use it to upgrade the truck to get it even faster or change the design of your truck. Higher position will earn you more money that you can use to purchase upgrades. However, if you can't finish at least at the third spot, you can't unlock a new level.