Madmen Racing

Race car drivers are almost as fearless as stunt drivers since they also put their lives in danger whenever they race. There is no assurance that they would always get to the finish line in one piece. There are times, when some of them got an accident and it is not a pretty sight. That is why; some people think that you are out of your mine whenever you say that you want to be a race car driver when you grow up. That may be true, but participating in such event would surely bring your adrenaline rushing in your veins.

The game is called madmen because these guys are using vehicles that you won't see in the real world. Perhaps you would laugh at the idea, but this game is as serious as any racing game you have played before. After each level, you would get some of the prize rewards base on the position you got in the race. You can use the money to buy some upgrades for your car. You can also earn some money by grabbing some coins along the way. Another way to earn money is to do the second requirement in every level. Of course, you won't unlock another level if you can't get the third spot.