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Mafia City Parking

Mafia are a group of thugs. They an do whatever they like since they are a powerful group. They use guns to control an area to do their bidding. If you don't obey them then you would be dead. Fortunately, you are part of the Mafia, but there are other gangs in the area that won't back down and would fight for their lives. Being a mafia driver doesn't mean that you are safe on the road. You still need to practice safety precautions on the road to get to where you would want to go. Your boss would not be happy if he sees his getting damage. That might mean you getting fired or worse the Mafia would kill you.

Don't worry about getting shot since this game is about parking. Drive and maneuver your car to the parking space provided, but beware of the roving car in the area since that won't stop if you are on its way. If you take too much damage then you failed the game. You need to park your car as fast as possible then park it again to a new location. Only after that you would be able to go to the exit and went on to the next level.