Make My Way

Everyone knows that you would need to ride a vehicle if you want to get somewhere far nowadays. Seriously, who would walk all the way to their destination when there is all kind of vehicles on the road? There are vehicles that you can ride on and they are public vehicles wherein, you just need to pay the ride fee for you so get to your destination. Of course, each vehicle would have a route and you need to find something that would get you to your destination. That is not a problem now since there are too many vehicles on the road. It was a problem back in the old days, but that is not the case right now since vehicles are abundant and too many people are putting their vehicles to good use and to make some good money.

If you lost in the woods then that would be really be a problem as you would not know where to go, but if you are in the city then it won’t be a problem at all. There are some helpful citizens and you might find a ride home for free. Of course, you know that it doesn’t happen too often, but if you know someone who is passing down the road, you can just ask them for a free ride.

In this game, you need to get to somewhere, but the problem is the road itself as the construction company haven’t finished the road yet. You would need something fill it up before you drive your vehicle over the road. After that, you can pass through and get to where you need to be. This would be easy when you are just starting with the game, but the game would get even harder as you make some progress. This game is played with a mouse and you would need your brain to figure out how fill the holes on the road.