Manhattan Rush Hour

An accident on the road occurs when one or more cars on the road collide or in some cases, the car collide to a post or something. Nevertheless, no one likes to be on the receiving end as you don't know if you are going to leave or what you might suffer. It is a good practice to stay wide awake and not to drink if you are going to drive, so you can stay away from a road accident. However, over at Manhattan, everyone seems to be busy that they have forgotten all about road safety. They live in a fast-paced world that they seem forgot about their safety while driving. The idea here is about safety, but you won't be driving in this game as you control all the vehicles in the area. You are responsible of the safety of all vehicles. You can use the mouse to speed up or stop the car in the middle of the road. You would fail the game if there is an accident. Of course, you won't want to do that in the real life and you should not do that in this game too. The game would be much more difficult as you make some progress.