Mario Truck Race

We all know that Mario is a bad ass guy since he have defeated King Kuppa a long time ago. Kuppa was supposedly the ruler of Mushroom kingdom that is abusing the lands. Well Mario came and kick his ass, thus, the land now belong to Princess Toadstool and the people of Mushroom kingdom love him for that. However, times change and Mario can't always have his ways on the kingdom. He needs to get in the program if he wants to stay there. He gets something to make him money. He participated in races to make money and he is doing good at it.

In this game, speed is everything since you would need to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Grab some mushrooms along the way to get more points. The game would be harder and much better as you make some progress. You don't need enemies in this game, since the driveway is already a challenge. While it would be easy for you to get to the finish line, you would still need to get there as fast as you can since this game has a timer and you know that you can't get to the next level if you can't beat the timer.