Mario Truck

After the war with King Kuppa was over, everything seems to alright and all of the people in Mushroom kingdom are happy about it. Some of them went to business and some work for the business men and women. Mario got his own business as well. He bought himself a truck, which he uses to deliver some fruits to the market. That is how; he earns his living nowadays because the plumbing business is not that huge anymore as it used to be. He also makes some extra cash from collecting some coins the old way.

This game is about Mario living a new lifestyle. The idea here is to drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try not to drop any f the fruits on the road, but should you drop something then let it be as you can't do anything about it anymore. Continue with your course and try to avoid crashing. If that happens, then the game will be over. You need to get there as fast as you can, you can rip the extra points that comes with it.

Did you think that you are up to the challenge?