Master Constructor

Every employer needs a good employee since they are the ones that are doing the job for the employers. Employers make sure that they are paid in time, so that the operation will not stop. Now, as a master constructor, you are one the of the highest paid employee, therefore, you need to prove that you are worth it. In short, you need to do your job right, so there won't be any problem on your part. Your job includes driving the heavy equipment and you need to pick up the steel bars with it. of course, this job include some maneuvering skills on your part or you will never be able to drive the heavy equipment. The company heavily depends on you.

In this game, you will need to depend on your driving skills and you need to coordinate on the road or you won't go far. You will need to use the collapsing bridge to be able to get to the other side. Once you have gone through that then you can pick up the steel bars and go back to where you came from. You need to do this task twice or more to finish a level.