Mater Al Rescate

For all those people, who have watched the movie, Cars. It is natural to know Lightning Mcqueen since he is the star of the show. But, he won;'t be successful if he doesn't practice all the time. During those grueling practiced, someone is there is to make sure that nothing bad happens to him. And he is also there to pull Mcqueen out of the hill and send him to the repair shop. Well, that is Mater Al REscate is the truck that is always there to help him get through the hardships of training.

The game is played via mouse and the idea of the game is to throw the hook over to Mcqueen, who needs some help as he is on the hillside and he can't go back on the road by himself. You need to calculate, to which you want to throw the hook and the power of the throw. You will have three chances in each level. There are five levels in the game that you need to finish to end the game. Your score will depend on how perfect the hook is placed on the car.

Play and save Lightning Mcqueen from the hillside!!!