Max Fury: Death Racer

In the future, money still rules and whoever has the most can buy anything that they like. Well, at least anything that is on sale. The best way to make money is still to have a job, but it doesn’t mean that you would get lots off it since you are still limited to your salary. The amount of money depends on your job. You won’t get lots of money if you are just a janitor or someone that has a low position in the company. You need to work hard and keep on upgrading your knowledge if you want to climb the ladder of success.

Fortunately, you are not in the office and don’t need to wait all their life just to make money. You are a racer and all you need to is to make sure that you arrive in the finish line. Of course, if you want to get the big bucks then you would need to get the first to third place. To do that you need exceptional driving skills and the best car that money can buy. If you are not rich, it is best that you not do this kind of race since the guys participating here are mostly rich. Of course, the other option is to get a sponsor, but you won’t get it unless you are really good.

In this game, the idea is to arrive to the finish. Of course, you would get money regardless of the position that you are in. But, if you want the big bucks, you would need to get there the soonest. You need to arrive there at least in the third place. Not only that you are going to get big bucks, but you also unlock the next level. The game gets harder and challenging so you need to upgrade your car. You need money to do that.