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Mega Jurassic Parking

Most people would have been glad if those terrible lizards were still alive. They might have been the star of the show for most theme parks, but sadly, they are extinct animals and they can’t be alive now. At least, that is what everyone want to think since they have been long gone and nothing can bring them back, except science, of course. It needs a little cloning since such animals are long gone and only their DNA can be found. Some scientist have proven that cloning works since they have done it before with some animals. Now, they want to prove that they could do the same thing with dinosaurs.

Each one they have cloned, they sent to the Jurassic zoo, wherein it could not do any harm. Those lizards are so big and it would have been disastrous if they are left along to roam around the zoo. They could have break out and get into the city. Even if, most of them aren’t flesh eating ones, they could be a threat since their size could easily kill a human that is getting too close to them. That is the reason: why they are kept in cages.

In this game, don’t mind the dinosaurs as they are just for you to see. The idea in this game is to park your truck in the zoo. Trust me, that won’t be easy since the game is built like the way you would have driven in reality. One simple mistake is all that it take for you to crash the truck. The game is in 3d and you need to navigate the truck all through the parking area that is inside the zoo. There is a time limit and you need to beat that, if you want to beat the game.