Mickey Mouse Driving Challenge

Mickey Mouse bought his first car and now he needs to master it as he don't want to have an accident while enjoying the ride along with his girlfriend Minnie. That would be a total bummer and might turn-off his girlfriend. That is why; he needs to master driving the car before Minnie could ride along with him. He took this driving lesson to make sure that he would someday perfect his driving skills. When he got the driving skills, he could take Minnie out on his new car and who knows, he might even join a race to further impress his girlfriend. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Make sure that you won't fall on your back as the game would instantly be over when that happens. Collect some stars as you drive along the road for more points. There are other racer in this game, but it would sure help with the score as you would get more point from arriving early at the finish line. Always try to balance your car while driving as it might spell trouble for you if you didn't. The game would be more challenging as you make some progress.