MIckey Mouse Mean Machine

We all know how Mickey Mouse lives his life since he has captured our hearts when we were just kids. He is the sweetest guy that we could ever know as he tries his best in every situation. He always seeks what is best for everyone. That is why; he is one of the most lovable characters in Disney. Over the years, he become the franchise symbol of the said company, which nobody can argue because he is one of the oldest cartoon characters ever made by the company. However, do we really know the real Mickey?

This game shows, what interest Mickey and how he do spent his time, when he is not on the screen it clearly show how bad ass he really is in real life.

Drive your truck as fast as possible. Try to overcome most of the other vehicles on the road to win the race. Be wary about your truck heating. Press the "Shift" button whenever you have a heating problem. Always stay on the road so that your truck won't lose speed. Avoid colliding with other vehicles so that you won't get delayed. Drive your truck and prove your best to the world!!!