Midnight Car Thieves Catcher

For a thief anything is possible as they don't care whether the van or bank is heavily guarded or not. They just want what is inside and nothing more. The guards guarding the bank would be nothing if they really want it. Fortunately, some of our police are always patrolling the streets, waiting for thief to strike. That is when they could catch them in action. Of course, that doesn't always happen as the thief tends to get in his getaway car most of the time. That is why you would hear the siren at night. Those sirens indicate that cops are in heavily pursuit of the thieves. In this game, you won't be catching any thieves while he does the crime as the cops are always the last one to know. the scenario is that you are just patrolling the streets when the thieves strikes and so the cops are called. That is when you drive as fast as you can, eventually catching the thieves. Collect some coins along the way as you can use it to buy some upgrades later. Grab a booster too to help you boost your car. There are lots of scenario within the game, but the last one are always when you piece together a puzzle that would lead you to catch the thieves.