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Military Trucks

When you are in the army, you can't ask question as you just need to obey your officials. For some, this is not acceptable, but when you join the army, you can't disobey your commander. You need to bobey no matter what is the order. There are different positions in the army and soldiers aren't only the ones that you heard on news battling some rebels. There are also office workers and other jobs within the army. And of course, there are also truck drivers. If you become a truck driver in the army, you don't need to risk your life battling rebels, but you need to be punctual all the time as a solder must be punctual.

In this game, you need to get to the destination as soon as you can. This game has a timer and you need to get there before the timer ends. There are lots of mountain here and it serves as obstacles. You need to switch gear to be able to maximize your speed. If you are in a mountain then you need to switch gear to be able to climb. The same gear can be used on low lands, but it would slow you down, so you need to switch gear again.