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Milk Run

Calcium strengthens our bones. Without it, we will have a weak bone that it would easily breaks. That is why; experts says that we should drink milk. It would be better if we are going to drink fresh milk and not the powder ones. That is why; it is important that there will be farmers taking are of cows since it is one of the best producers of milk. However, milk won't reach the market if there are no trucks to deliver them. Fortunately, you are the guy that does that. It is your job to get them to the market as fast as you can, so they won't be spoiled when they reach you.

Drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the milk bank. The road ahead is tricky as you need to undertake a mountain path. That will give you some trouble t deliver all the milk. More milk you delivered means more score for you. You might lose some of the milks while you are on the road and you can't do anything about that anymore. Just continue on your journey and finish the task at hand. Your score will be recorded on each level.