Mini Truck Madness

Most of the truck that you see on the road are industrial trucks since they are use to deliver some cargoes to their destination. And none of them are use in racing events. Actually, there are no such trucks that are use in race since they are way big and hard to control on the road. it would be disastrous if racers would opt for trucks. It won't be just dangerous for them, but for the spectators as well. No sponsor would dare put their name in front if they know that it would endanger the lives of people. They don't want to be remembered that way.

Fortunately, this game makes one of the wildest dream possible. And that is to use a truck in race. Each levels presents two ways to win and you only need to choose one to advance to the next level. The first is to win the race and the other one is crazy you would need to do different things in order to advance to the next level. This might be the first time for you to see such truck games, since the concept is kind of new. Grab as much coins as you can to gain money. You can use the money to upgrade your truck after every level.