Minions Crazy Racing

The minions want to find out, who is the best in regards to racing. Of course, they would settle this on the road and the one who is the best would be getting something. However, they didn't know what would they get if they win, but Kru promise them to give something to the winner of the race. Nevertheless, this would be something fun since they weren't busy now, especially their boss has retired from his evil deeds. Their boss is too busy taking care of the kids. The only question now, is who would win the race. This race would be hard for the participants as each of them seems to be competitive.

The idea in this game is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You need to drive fast or your opponent would surely take over the race. While you are at it, you can collect some coins and gift lying on the floor. This won't be easy since there are banana peel and other things lying on the floor that serve as obstacles. Drive with safety in mind and try not to get hit as that would not only put a dent on the car as it would explode when it can take a hit anymore.