Money Trucks

Trucks are meant for delivering since it can carry more cargoes compared to any other vehicles. Of course, we do know that when it comes to delivering money, bank uses van since it is enclosed. Besides, it can be easily be turned into an armored vehicle since it got a powerful engine and the manufacturer would just trace the body of the van and put more metal sheet of metal in it.

However, in this game, you won't be using van for delivering money or some precious stones. Instead of a van, you will be using a truck to deliver your cargo. Like any cargoes, you should not lose any of the cargoes. But, since this is just a game, you are allowed to lose some of the cargoes. There is no hurry on your part since there is no timer here. Every second that pass will just reflect to the bonus points that you will get after you finish a level. Obstacles are always part of a game and you should try to overcome them as that are what makes most game exciting. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

Remember to stay cool all the time while driving. Most of the time accidents happen when you can’t control your anger!!!