Monster Challenge

We all know that there are lots of dangers involved in the racing world as that event is really a dangerous place to be in. Even if you are just watching in those front seats, there is a change that you can get an accident. You might get hit by the uncontrollable moving cars in the race. If you think that it won’t happen even in a long shot, you need to think again as there are many cases that the fans getting an accident while watching a race. Those might be silly, but again, it does happen sometimes.

It is the same reason, why the organizers think of using a monster truck on the race, so that it would lessen the occurrence of an accident. Of course, you do understand that trucks have these powerful engine. The body is much more durable compared that to a car, so the possibility of an accident would be lessen. But it won’t eliminate the hazard of a race totally, no that is too much impossible. You do understand that in most races, only the first vehicle gets a reward at the end of the day and that is applicable to this race.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Well, actually, you need to get there before everyone does. That is much more accurate of an explanation. However, the problem is that you won’t be able to do that in the first few tries since your truck aren’t upgraded yet. As you drive your way, make sure that you can grab some stars because that is how you earn your money. You can use it to buy some upgrades for your truck. You would found out that skill is a big help in this game since this one can’t be won with just upgrading your truck.