Monster Constructor 2

You just got your first job as a truck driver. You know that finding a job is not easy, so you decided to stay and do your best. One day while you are at the compound of the company, the company owner called you and told you to help him build a company. The company is just new as it is just starting and the owner wants you to help him make it bigger. It just proves that the company owner trust your skills. He knows that you are the right guy for the job. It means that this would put some money on your pocket every month and you don't have to worry on what would be your next meal since you have a regular job.

You are going to drive different vehicles owned and maintained by the company. Each task would be different, but one thing is the same and that is you would be driving every vehicle. You need to pay attention to every instruction before each level. At the beginning of each level, you would learn the controls that you would need to complete the level. The game gets more challenging as you move from one level to another.