Monster Hill Ride Game

Everyone seems to be having a race fever as they all want to win the race. Who would not want to win it since the price is so huge that it would allow you to buy a new truck. Of course, you don’t need to buy a new truck as it all depends upon what you want to do with the money that you won. It your money and you can do anything about it. That is the buzz is all about and everyone seems to want to get the prize money. Of course, there are no second place in this race and you would need to prove that you are the best because second place is not going to do anything for you.

When you found out about the race, you know that this is the moment that you have been awaiting for most of your life as you need the money to start a new life. Ife is tough and everyone would want to get the money, so you knew right away that this won’t be easy. You need to give it better than the rest or you would come out empty handed. All of the participant would be using monster trucks and you know for a fact that this kind of vehicles would be harder to control than the normal race car.

In this game, winning is everything and you need to be on top of everyone if you want to unlock the next level of the race. The race track is full of mountains and you need to better control your truck in the race. That is the only way that you could get the upper hand in this race. The game gets harder as make some progress. Each level would be different and harder than before, so you need to do better than the last time.