Monster Jam

Everything about a monster truck is destruction. Of course, it also depends upon the driver and that is why, license for a truck drivers is the hardest to get. You would not only need to prove that you can drive the truck with proper care, but also, you need to prove that you are a sane man that can handle a massive truck. Even if it is a monster truck, that doesn't give you the right to destroy anything on your path. Such idea is for truck games only.

Fortunately, this game is the monster truck game that is right for you if you love destruction. All you do here is the purpose of destruction and nothing more. You get points for every destruction that you cause. You can proceed to the next level, one you have reached a certain destruction points. Of course, the destruction points required depends upon the level you are in. Grab some monster truck icon as you can exchange it for a new truck. This game has a time limit, so try to reach the required number of destruction points as fast as you can. Every second counts, so try to destroy anything on your path.