Monster Mowdown 2

The zombies has taken over the world and there is nothing that can be done anymore, except to escape the city. The city is filled with zombies and there are no hope if you are going to keep on residing there. However, a small town maybe our best hope since there are only a few population there and perhaps there are several survivors that can boost your survival rate. For now, you need to focus on escaping the city. Sure, there will be monsters ganging up on you as you try to escape the city, but there will be some air support to back you out. Besides, the truck is also loaded with guns.

The truck drives on its own and the idea here is to make sure that the monster can't get close to the truck. You need to use all the firepower available. You'll earn money on each kill. You can use the money to buy more men or some upgrades. The game is played via mouse and you need to protect the truck with all your firepower or there will be no more game for you. You'll be needing more men to boost your firepower. The game is filled with different races.