Monster Race 3D

Monster trucks are built for the roughest road on the world, but you can't see them being use for racing. Aside from strong engines, car used on racing are tough and light, making them easier to maneuver while on the race tracks. A monster truck only has powerful engine, but don't have the agility that most racing cars has. Its body is big making it harder to maneuver. the power of the engine might match that of a racing car, but since it is hard to control, it would be hard to maneuver even in a straight road. A racetrack is not a straight road.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line in this 3D truck game. There are platforms that you can use to launch your truck in the air. That is not necessary in this game, but it would give you a slight boost since you are flying over the air. You can also use a booster to help your truck gain the upper hand. You can only unlock anew level if you won the race, which means that you need to get the first place. The game gets harder and harder as you unlock more levels.