Monster Truck Assault

Truck can't race since they are way too bulky. In fact, even in a regular road, the mere sight of it because some panic for someone near it. And who can blame them, anyone that sees a truck on its top speed will surely felt the danger it brings. That is why; truck driving license is the hardest to get. It is the highest form of license. It can be said that you can drive all sorts of vehicles, one you've been awarded with it. Now, monsters are much bigger and more dangerous than that. That is why; you don't see them on the road. They are use on mountains, where there are fewer vehicles.

This game lets you enjoy a monster truck in a race. Drive your truck as fast a you can till you reach the finish line. Use missiles to destroy other trucks ahead of you. You can also use nitro to speed up. Don't hold back on using those two as there are more on the road. After each level, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to upgrade your truck. You can only advance to the next level if you are on the third place. Unlike most races, there is a boss fight waiting for you in each set of levels.