Monster Truck Bus Rampage

Hi Kids! We are with you with a smart Monster Truck Game. You have a bus and a way to go. The only problem is the roads are very hard. You have only 5 soul and if you crash into somewhere you are going to die. So you need to go ahead without crashing anywhere. I must warn you, it is not a simple process. Moreover we know that, most of the children like destroying anything. You can destroy the cars you meet during the game. This lovely yellow bus is a great destroyer actually. Look at the giant wheels it has. They are really gorgeous, aren't they? It is easy to destroy something with them since May 2011 when this game has been published.

At first you are going to select level to play among 3. They are getting harder and harder levels by levels. If you are playing for the first time, you are going to see only the 1st one as unlocked. When you complete them with a success, the next level unlocks. With this processes you are getting ramping skills to complete the level. You have to skip all obstacles without flipping over.

When you start the game, you will be given 5 souls, a small map to help you during the road and 3 power. Gather the $ you met on the road to get a higher score and complete a 360 degree stunt to collect powers. When you complete all the levels, you can grab your cup. It is depend to your performance that you can grab a bronze,silver or gold one,

Let me tell you about the game controls.

You can move your bus with the "ARROW KEYS" and Jump with "SPACEBAR" Moreover if you want to power press "T". You can display the map with "M" or you can pause the game with "P" key

Here an enjoyable Monster Truck Game for you Truck Games lovers. Have fun and see you on the next game.