Monster Truck Intervention Squad

We all know that a truck is far stronger than any vehicles when it comes to power and durability. It is must faster, but the problem with a truck is that it is hard to control because of the size. It might have a powerful engine, but that is the same reason why not everyone are given permission to drive it. It would cause too much damage because of its sheer size. The fact that it is too large makes it hard to control. If you were to drive a truck and your license is only for a small vehicle then you would really have a problem with the law. Actually, the reason why the law doesn’t permit this kind of operation also as something to do with your own safety.

A monster truck might cause more damage than a regular truck, but since it doesn’t carry much weight to it, it is safer compared to that of a regular truck. It can be easier to maneuver compared to that of a regular truck, but it is still dangerous to drive around. Only those who are expert should be given permission to drive such truck. This kind of vehicle is made for stunt purpose since they are lighter than most trucks. They also have the same durability that common truck has.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. There are a lot of obstacles in this game that might be dangerous in real life. But, the biggest obstacle in this game are the holes that are present in higher level. Don’t worry if you are just starting since you won’t encounter that hole. You are given a booster to refill and you should do that since it would help you to get through higher levels.