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Monster Truck Sprint

They say that trucks can't jump since they are too big and no one in this world could make these vehicle go up in the air. However, in this race, everything is possible since the competitors have modified their trucks and now that they would be competing against one another, they would not hesitate to perform as much as possible. Not only that they want to impress the crowd, but stunts are a requirement for this race. They need to do a certain stunt to be able to get to the next racing challenge. This monster truck race is unlike most race that you have seen.

Drive our monster truck as fast as you can till you get to the finish line. In this game, you need to do a certain stunt to be able to go to the next level. It is not just about getting to the finish line first as you need to do other things for you to get to the next level. The rules are not simple at all since it have a twist, which can't be seen in most racing games. As you perform some stunts, you are also refilling your booster. Your booster will be activated automatically once it gets to 100 percent.