Monster Wheels 2

After winning the first ever monster wheel race, your ego has risen and you consider yourself as one of the best. You are very happy with your achievement that you celebrated any time of the week. As if, your money would never be gone, but one day you realizes that your money is not that infinite and you need more money to enjoy what you enjoy right now. You started to look for more races since that is what you are good at and it is among the fastest ways to make cash. Of course, you might not win again, but second or third place would be enough for you since that would mean big bucks, just not as big as the prize for the number one spot.

You waited and waited for an event, until you finally heard one being planned. At last, you would get some cash from it, but you know that you have been rusty, so you need some practice. It is not easy, but if you want to win the race and get the money then you need to sacrifice. It is not new to you as you have been doing it for a lot of times already. You have suffered from bruises and broken bones from practicing and you have achieve your goal. Truly, you are one competitor that the other racers would need to watch out for. However, the other racers are also well-prepared just like you, so it is not really a sure win for you once you entered the race.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Of course, it means that you need to get there. There are three ways to make some cash in this game: you can either collect them on the road, do some stunts or get to the finish line in one of the top three spots.