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Moon Truck

Neil Armstrong and two of his friends were the first men on the moon. They were the first men that had set their foot on the moon, but they weren't able to explore it since there are no transportation that time available on the moon. The moon is so vast that it can't be traveled by walking or jumping. In fact, it is so big that it would take more than a year to explore it, even if, you use a vehicle. However, that is a luxury that Armstrong and his friends do not have that time. Fortunately, today's astronauts will have the luxury of using a vehicle on their travel in other planet and it also can be used on moons.

Drive your truck as fast as possible and try to get to your destination in the least time possible. Time is not the essence of this game, but being fast will surely help if you want a high scoring game. The bonus point dwindle down each second you lose. The moon has lot of crater and has no road so you are in a bumpy ride. Everything will be lighter on the moon, but that won't mean that you will be prone to road accidents.