Motocross Forest Challenge

In a race, there is always the third place, so you don't need to actually win the race if you want to get any of the price, but if you want the most money then you would need that first place. However, when it comes to a race that have no sponsor in it, you need to bet your own money and the winner gets all the money, there would be second or third place. If you lose, you lose your money. That is that and you can't argue about it anymore. If you want to take part of such race, you need to make sure that you are that good or you might end up winning nothing and losing most of your money. Just like in this game, there would be no second or third place. You need to win every race period if you want to move on. You can use the money you won on the race to upgrade your motorbike. The game would be harder, so it would be a sound investment on your part. Don't expect that things would be easy, just because you won the last race.