Mountain Hill Back Home

A guy decided to live in the mountains. He got everything there, so time quickly passes away till he got old. At that time, he misses his friends, neighbors, family and everything about the town. Now, he wants to get back home and finally meet them. He drove his truck and set out to go back home.

In this game, driving fast is not applicable since there are no timer. It is rather advisable to drive safely and slowly since the object of the game is to get out of the mountains. You will be picking some coins, and booster as you drive along the mountain. You can use the money to upgrade your truck and you will need it. As if the path to your way home is not perilous enough since there are lots of mountains, the game also added some monster that will stop you and try to eat you. If ever you can't finish the level in just one try, you can still do it again and the money that you earn will still be available. Naturally, the games gets harder as you make some progress. The game has four levels, which you can do all over again if you chose too.