Mountain Hill

For the old man, retirement is something that he is looking forward too since he can visit other place and possibly go back to the place where he was born. So, when the old guy finally retired, he was given lots of money. Since, he is now alone, he wants to get back to his old home way up in the jungle. He knows that it won't be easy as the way up there is pretty dangerous even for someone younger. But, he is determined enough to get back home, so he pack his things and went his way.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you get to the destination point. If ever, you can’t get to the destination point then don’t worry as that is not going to be easy anyway. Your short term goal is to upgrade your truck as much as possible in preparation for your long term goal. Grab as much coins as you can while driving as you can use that to upgrade your truck one at a time. As you move further, you will encounter some monster that will try to stop you. You can mount a gun on top of your truck and let it kill the monsters for you, but when it is out of ammo then you need to ram the monsters, but that will damage your truck.