Multiplayer Country Racers

It is presented a beautiful red truck with this 2 player truck game. It is called Multiplayer Country racers. We can see 2 options after PLAY button. These options are 1 Player or Two Players Modes. It seems that we can play this game with 2 players! When we access the game, we can see that our truck has been signed red with the name of Player1. We navigate that truck. Our race consists a few loops. We try to do our best nd be the winner of the game. On the contrary we can't pass through a new level. Navigate your truck with "ARROW"Keys. If you pass from the land, your truck losts its speed. Be careful and stay on the court. Moreover if you crash int onay other truck, you see the sparks. It provides a good visual effect. Altghough the shape of courts is suitable to cross from the short way, you cn not coss. Because if you do that, your loop will not be valid. The producer of the game have took the prevention about that point. Have a good day with this 2 Player Truck Racing Game.