Naruto Monster Car

Naruto is one of the best jounin ninja in the leaf village and no one would easily messed with him since they know that he would retaliate. When he was young nobody lies Naruto since he carries the crest for the seal for the monster that destroys their village, which kills most of the people there. Almost everyone would pick on him because of that and they don’t want to hang out with Naruto. As time passed by, they realized that Naruto is a great blessing for them and now, everyone wants Naruto. He became so popular that everyone would want to be close to him.

As his popularity soars, his mission become more intense since there are more danger in it, but the money that he makes form each of his mission is really big. However, he grew tired of his surrounding since he is doing the same thing day after day. He need something that he can do outside of his mission. It is a diversity since he can’t think of fighting all the time and the only way to do that is to find some recreational activity. He heard of a monster truck in other nation before and he bought one for himself. Each day he use the truck, the more exciting it has become, making him happier in the process.

In this game, you are Naruto, but you won’t fight other Ninjas, instead, you would be driving a huge monster truck in the Konoha village. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, which won’t be easy since the road ahead is not that smooth. Actually, there is no road since it is not develop at all. Fortunately, there are no time limit in this game.