Night Drivin

In the middle of the night some people are still awake and don't feel sleepy at all. But, wait, if you are scared then you shouldn't be scared since they are just race car driving and won't want to harm you. They are not out for blood as they just want to enjoy some good old sport racing. It is just that they want to race late at night, wherein there most car would be park near the house. Fortunately, this guy want to make money since money is involve in such activity. Of course, you do understand that the winner takes most of the money with the loser or the last to get to the finish line takes nothing home.

Wait for the signal before stepping on the accelerator and go. Drive as fast as you can, and to tell you the truth about this game, you don't have to fear that you could crash in this game because it is not existent in this game. Your objective of course, is to get the first place, but since that would be too difficult, you could settle with number 2 or number 3 since that would mean that you could compete in the next race. Spend some money to upgrade your car, so you can perform better.