Ninja Monster Trucks

Splinter has trained four young turtles to be a ninja. Now that they are bigger, its time for them to exercise what they have learned over the past few years. The city has been dangerous since Shredder's gang are on it, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are able to drive them out since they are that skillful. Peace return to the city. At night, the Ninja Turtles patrol the city. One day, they found some vehicles and since one of their favorite programs on TV has something to do with racing, they thought of having a race with one another.

Fortunately for them, Shredder and his gang hasn't been back yet. This gives them the time to have some break and they thought of enjoying it for a little while. They have learned how to use their vehicles and now they are ready for the competition. They might have nothing to gain from it, but the satisfaction that they get from experiencing a race first hand is already the benefit of the race. Besides, they might not have a time to race when Shredder and his goons returns to claim the city. Surely, those hoodlums would come back better and stronger. Things would be a little rougher when that happens. This would be the only time to have some fun.

In this game, the brothers won't be fighting some Footclans as they would be racing against one another. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You need to beat the other three turtles to win the game. Better yet, you need to arrive at the finish line first. Grab some pizza along the way for added bonus points. The game would get even harder as you make some progress.