Nitro Maniacs

In a race, you always would want to start as fast as you can since that you would give you the edge over your rivals. There is no way that you would want to lose as that means that you won't win a single dime. Some race would give you part of the prize money, but the money that you would get is small as most of the winning goes to the first one to cross the finish line. You do want to be the one to get to the finish line as those trailing would get only a minimal part of the cash. And no one would want to lose to anyone.

In this game, you would want to go as fast as you can since time is ticking here and getting to the finish line first would earn you the most money. The money that you would diminish depending on the spot you earned in the race. Grab as many coins as you can for added money. Don't forget to grab the booster to fill your booster bar. You can also fill it up by doing some stunts in the air. You can buy some new vehicle if you have enough money to buy it.