Off Road Truckers

When you were young, you were always a thrill seeker and now that you are older, you definitely would like to participate in the race since that would challenge you and give you what you are searching for ever since. Of course, things are harder now that you are an adult as no one would give you an opportunity that you need. You need to get your own truck that you can use in the battle round of the incoming race of the year. The race isn’t something that you see every day since it is a death race and you need to get ahead of everyone.

In a death race, you do understand that everyone is in it to win it and no one would be safe. Of course, you would be safe once you arrive at the finish line, but the question is that would you be able to get there on without any casualty. There are traps everywhere and the participants are armed with everything that they could use against the other participants. There are a lot of thing s that can be use against the other participants and this include harmful things like bomb, gun and other stuffs. There are no rules here, except for the fact the winner gets all the prize money.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Of course, other things like getting there early. You need to make sure that you would arrive there ahead of the others, but if you can’t it doesn’t meant that you lose the game as you would still get some reward depending on your position. After that, you can still participate and use the money that you have to upgrade your vehicle. The game gets more intense as you make some progress, so definitely need to upgrade your vehicle when you can.