Off Roaders 3D

Everyone knows that finishing second or any other position than one would not be counted as a win in a real race. So, you joined a race and you need to win it by crossing the finish line three times with the least possible time. There are other racers in the contest and all of them want to win. They don't want to lose as there won't be any prize for a loser. Whether your position is the second or the last, it doesn't matter since that would mean that you are a loser. You don't want that since you want the prize money and you won't be making money to pay your bills if you can't get the first position.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line for the third time to win the game. Remember that you need to get the first place or you can't advance at all. Try to stay on track all the time since there would be some time delay if you don't and that wouldn't help you at all. Try to balance your truck since that would also cost you some time and would definitely be one of the reasons for you to lose in the game.