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Office Desk Car Parking

You are on the office the whole day but the problem is that there are no work and you are getting bored. You can't go home and enjoy your time with your family since it is not time yet. The boss tell you that you can find something that you can do anything, but you can't go home. One of your office mate started playing and you remember that you got your toy car with you. Using the office desk, you started playing with your toy car. There are a lot of things in your workplace and you use those as obstacles to your toy car. Now, it looks more exciting than before.

The whole idea here is to get to the other area as fast as you can since there is a timer and you need to beat the timer in order to get to the next stage. The game would be more challenging as you make some progress, so play now and see if you can finish the game. Each level would be totally different in appearance, but environment would stay the same since it would be on top of your desk. Collect some coins as you try to get to the finish line.