Offroad Truckers

The monster truck is the biggest vehicle that you can find one off-road. if you encounter one off-road then just give way as you might get an accident if you don't. Fortunately, in this game, you will be driving a monster truck so you will have no fear of crushing into other vehicles, but since the other vehicles are also monster trucks that would be a problem. The other truck drivers won't give up and want to win the race as you are so you need to do what is necessary to win the game. This game is not about honor, so forget about it for now.

Drive your truck as fast as possible and reach the finish line at least grabbing the third spot to advance to the next round. Get all the coins that you can grab on. You can also get additional money in the form of the prize money in every level. Use the money to upgrade your truck. As expected, the game gets harder and harder as you move from one level to the next. The upgrade will give you the edge in racing, but as you progress in the game, so are the competitors of the game. Upgrade every time you have the money because you will be needing those upgrades to win the race as you progress.