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One of the few racers that has gone off beat is the truck race. Recently a new race was held wherein the contestants were driving offroader trucks as cars won’t simply do since it would just be destroyed because of the amount of intensity that the vehicles are going to. Not even those upgrades would help as the intensity and the environment is that hard. The race tract has lots of mountains, which means that the racers would have to go through such high and low level of lands. If you can’t guess what is going to do with your vehicles, it would put the engine in a lot of stress since those highroads are giving the engine a hard time.

That is why; the race participants are using an offroad truck since that is the only one that can be driven in that environment. Its body and engine is enough to the amount off intensity that is needed in that kind of environment. If you are going to drive a car there then it might not last long even if that car has been upgrade many times. The race has lots of participants, so you need to do your best or the whole tract would eat you up.

In this game, the whole idea is to win the race. However, it won’t be the end of it all if you can’t do that. You just simply need to start all over again. We all know that in this kind of game, you would need lots of money to upgrade your vehicle. Don’t worry since winning the race isn’t the only option to gain money. There are lots of money on the road and you just need to pick it up. The game would get even harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.