OK Parking 2

Parking a car is not as easy as you think as you need lots of practice before you can perfect. That is how an auto repair makes money in the first place. Most of the time, the establishments such as this makes money from repairing dents in a car. Then there is also the paint job as more car would need a paint job because the owner can't drive well. This is why; this establishments become popular. As long as there are cars, such establishment would keep on earning.

As already stated before, parking is not easy. And once you master it, it doesn't mean that you are not prone to road accident. You would still need to practice safety precautions even if you master it.

In this game, you would need to drive and maneuver your car to the parking space as fast as possible. The game has a time limit and while you might think that it gives you the right to bump anything on the game, think again. A simple bump on anything immediately ends the game. Try to finish each level as smooth as possible. The more progress you get in the game, the more harder it becomes.