Old Fire Truck Escape Room Escape

A field trip is something that brings in more knowledge to a student. There are times that you learn more things out of school and this is your chance to do that. You join a field trip hosted by your school. You and the other kids went to the fire truck room to be more familiar with stuffs around the fire truck room. You got separated to other students as you are busy nosing around the old fire truck room. Apparently, the fireman thought that there are no one left in the room, so he close it and lock it. It was too late as all of them are already gone before you know that you are left alone. Fortunately, you are the kind of guy, who never panics. You assess the situation and found some clue that could help you to get out of the old fire truck room.

The game can only be played through a mouse. You need to find something that you can use to get out of the room. Each item that you can get your hands too has a vital role to escape the fire truck room. You just need to figure out how it all falls in.