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Orbital City Parking

People are always looking at the future in everything they do. As if the future holds a better place for them. Sometimes, it does come true, but whatever progress that mankind expect in the future, there would always be a backside. Even in the future traffic can't be resolve since that is something that can only be resolve if people won't be using their vehicles a lot of times, but that won't happen since people buy vehicle for that purpose. This is why; you need to be careful while driving as you don't want to get an accident before you can even park your car somewhere.

The game setting is in the future where vehicles don't look the same no more, but the problem on the road would still be traffic. Finding an open slot to park your car won't be easy since there is more vehicles on the road. When you find it then you need to take action as fast as you can or you will lose your opportunity. They say that once opportunity come, you need to grab it as soon as possible as you might never get a second opportunity. Well, this also applies in parking your car even in the future.