Ore and Copper Truck

Every business is important, but there are some business that our country can't do without since it helps not only in the financial aspect, but also provides us with the building resources that is important for a growing economy. Ore and copper are use in a lot of things and you might not know it, but you are using these minerals. Actually, copper is use in generating electricity, so that is for sure makes it one of the most used metal nowadays. Anyway, these metals are use in a lot of things and we can almost say that these things are the building blocks of the civilizations itself.

However, in this game, you are not going to look or deliver them to where they need be delivered as the game focuses on the truck that is used to deliver those metals. To make things easy, this game is a puzzle game, wherein you need to piece an old truck forever. You would have a chance to see the truck in one piece. Try to remember that, as the clock is already ticking. Press the "shuffle button" and the game starts. You need to put the pieces back together to where it was to finish the game.