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Packet Rush

Imagine yourself as a delivery truck driver. Now, you have lots to deliver and you need to pick it up on the road. After that, you need to deliver it as fast as you can to its destination because the item might be spoiled or something. Well, the truth is that your client won’t be happy and that could lose him. You don’t want to do that as you want to earn more and the only way to earn more is to have more regular clients. Of course, you need to start somewhere and you could really grow your business if you care for them. But, that won’t happen if you don’t value them.

In this game, you need to pick up and deliver the items. You need to make sure that you won’t destroy the truck. You can do that by trying to avoid collisions with anything. However, that might not be easy since time is essential in this game. You won’t be losing the item, but that would mean less money for you if you don’t deliver them early. You need to make more money to upgrade your truck. You’ll be needing it in the coming levels ahead.